Traditional Brokerage

Emerson Equity provides traditional, commission-based brokerage services for experienced investors. Our financial advisers provide specialized guidance and informed views on the general direction of capital markets to help guide portfolio decisions. Whether your investment strategy consists of stock portfolios, bonds, or mutual funds, your Emerson Equity adviser will leverage a world-class services platform to develop a personalized plan under your direction.

Investment Advisory Service

As an independent registered investment adviser, Emerson Equity provides fee-based money management services to individuals and corporate accounts. We also service trusts, pension and profit-sharing plans, professional associations, and other institutions. We approach investment management from a total account perspective, carefully selecting individual stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to create a portfolio catered to our clients. Our professionals monitor these portfolios for performance and conduct periodic reviews to ensure that our clients’ goals are realized. Emerson Equity does not offer proprietary products, thus ensuring our advice is objective.

Annuity and Life Products

Annuity and life products can provide financial security and often represent an important element of your overall financial strategy. An annuity is an insurance product that disburses periodic income payments in exchange for a premium payment, thus securing supplemental income for present or future use. Life insurance is frequently viewed as the foundation of financial security after a loved-one passes away. Emerson Equity offers a range of annuity and life products to help alleviate your concerns and maximize your financial future.

Important Disclosure: An investment in alternative investments involves a high degree of risk, and are not suitable for all investors.