Private Company Stock

Our team of experienced investment professionals is well-positioned to assist high net worth, family-office, and institutional investors who seek liquidity for their privately held securities. We primarily focus on negotiating and arranging for the purchase and transfer of private securities in later stage, venture capital financed, pre-IPO technology companies. Our value-added proposition, based on our relationships, access and insights, make Emerson Equity the ideal partner for almost any liquidity situation.

Alternative Investments

Emerson Equity believes that alternative investments are an important part of a sophisticated investor’s portfolio. Utilized properly, alternative investments can provide diversification and may help decrease overall investment risk. Emerson Equity’s robust alternative investment platform allows high net worth and institutional investors to take advantage of industry-leading opportunities in such non-traditional strategies. Emerson Equity’s offerings include financial instruments such as REITS, hedge funds/private equity, TICs/DSTs, oil and gas, equipment leasing, and other private placement securities.

Important Disclosure: An investment in alternative investments involves a high degree of risk, and are not suitable for all investors.